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The Advocacy Project

Tips for Effective Advocacy & Engagement.


In today’s fast paced world, simply pulling the lever and marching isn’t enough. It is important to express your issues and to understand “how-to” effectively Get in! Get Out! and Get Results!


The purpose of this book is to encourage citizens, association members, and business leaders to be effective advocates. The 5 Minute Advocate steps are simple and easy to use. These steps are designed to get the attention of key decision makers, government officials and candidates before and after elections.  The process to be an effective advocate takes less than five minutes to complete; empowering you with the resources to make a difference.


You will learn how to effectively engage key decision makers, how to effectively advocate, and get noticed.  

Our unique It's A Staff Perspective: Inside Track to Capitol Hill compliments your issue briefing. We help each individual build confidence and develop their local information.


It's A Staff Perspective, is a movement to educate individuals on the intricacies of our government and build confidence. Our team members have literally served in every staff capacity on Capitol Hill, from eagered Intern, Staff Assistant to Chief of Staff. 























We offer interactive and hands-on Advocacy training for individuals, associations and businesses seeking to enhance/develop thier advocacy efforts before legisators and decision makers. We have over a decade of experience working within the federal, state and local governments. We know what works in getting noticed and what does not.


Contact us to to schedule a 30 Minute consultation. 

Our lofty goal is to train and develop over 1 million people on "how-to" effectively advocate and engage elected officials around the world.

Why? We believe in order to have an effective government, it must have engaged citizenry. "Go ahead pull the lever and vote, but you must hold your elected officials accountable, through the 5 Minute Advocacy process." 


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