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5 Minute Advocate: Access Granted

Get In! Get Out! Get Results!

The purpose of this book is to encourage citizens, association members, and business leaders to be effective advocates. The 5 Minute Advocate steps are simple and easy to use. These steps are designed to get the attention of key decision makers, government officials and candidates before and after elections.  The process to be an effective advocate takes less than five minutes to complete; empowering you with the resources to make a difference.


You will learn how to effectively engage key decision makers, how to effectively advocate, and get noticed.  

($15.00 + shipping)

She's Political: Running in Heels 

($15.00 + shipping)

Inside Track to Capitol Hill: It's A Staff Perspective Career Rules of Engagement 

($15.00 + shipping)

Girl Power: She's Political for Tweens & Teens

(Coming Soon)

($15.00 + shipping)

Our Legacy of Advocacy in the Black Community

(Coming Soon)

($15.00 + shipping)

ACTIVATE the Advocate in YOU!

(Coming Soon)

($15.00 + shipping)



Chonya's Interactive Hill Prep Training Topics


  • Access Granted Advocacy Training (1.5 hours / half-day)

  • Get In! Get Out! Get Results! Capitol Hill Preparation (1.5 hours / half-day)

  • Advocates Train-the-Trainer (state/local grassroots organizers)

  • Inside Track to Capitol Hill Training (1.5 hours / half-day)

  • Develop a MBA: 5 Minute Business Advocate Plan for Success


Training Highlights

  • KIS Method: Keeping it Simple

  • On Point: Stay on Message

  • DIY: Get Activated - Schedule & Meet with Elected Officials

  • Master Capitol Hill Hurdles

  ***Customized Training Programs Available



Meeting Facilitation & Preparation Training


Maximize your volunteers/members network by keeping them engaged and on the radar.  We can organize local/statewide District Meetings or Site Visits that help build authentic relationships with legislators. Don't have a relationship with an elected officials you want? We can assist you in building key contacts.... for your business/issue campaign. 



Government: Access Granted – Get In! Get Out! Get Results

In today’s fast paced world, simply pulling the lever and marching isn’t enough. It is important to express your issues and to understand “how-to” effectively Get in! Get Out! and Get Results! In this insightful keynote, Chonya shows audiences the factors that influence elected officials, how to talk so legislators will listen.

Your Story Matter: The Greatest Impact in Washington, DC & Beyond!

Every day we all find ourselves telling our story, in turn influencing someone life. So, whether speaking to friends, employees, members, board members or policymakers, wouldn’t it be great to know how to tell your story in an impactful way and get buy-in or, listen to what you’re saying? You can achieve the goal of connecting with legislators and staff, if you know 3 essential keys.

GOTV: The Day After the Ballot Box!

She's Political: Now What?


Chonya Johnson, America’s 5 Minute Advocate, spent over a decade listening, advocating and learning the essentials as a Government Affairs Consultant and Congressional Aide in the most powerful place on earth  - our United States Capitol.


These are must-attend talks/sessions for anyone seeking to get their message across to decision makers in any situation.

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